Discipleship is the process of being rewired into the likeness of Jesus Christ by finding freedom through the surrendering of one’s life to Jesus.
Discipleship is not a one-size fits all exercise but happens when an individual is mentored, coached, taught or trained in a way that fits their unique makeup.
We believe there is a cycle of growth that is natural for all discipleship – and is ongoing and repeated over and over again. There is no ending point this side of heaven. 
The discipleship process is first of all, finding HOPE – realizing there is more to life than what I am experiencing; moving to CHANGE – the realization that I need a personal and serious plan to change; touching on our CHARACTER – realizing I need to learn to BE a certain way before I can DO certain things; finally, it’s learning how to have IMPACT – this is the realization that I want to have an IMPACT on the lives around me.
The way we “do” discipleship is through creating opportunities in community where this process can be lived out (Together Groups, learning opportunities, huddles, mentoring relationships, messages, prayer and worship opportunities, and much more).