At our best:

What to avoid:

1. We like user-friendly.  We aim to be sensitive to how hard it is to join a new family.

New people feel a natural desire to grow in a safe environment that has earned the trust to bring challenge.  

New people feel alienated due to strange behaviours, pressure or practices inconsistent with our desired culture.  

2.  We like forward progress. We aim to provide next steps in the Jesus journey for all.

Each person is facing their flaws and inviting God and others to show them next steps in maturity.  (Fruit being best evidence Gal. 5)

2 ditches: 




3.  We like eachother.  We aim to create irresistible and enjoyable community.

Time together is enjoyable for all.  Serving the group over ourselves becomes an act of joy that takes shape in many ways.  

Consistently serious, hyper-emotional, or traditional approach.  

4.  We like repurposing. We aim to re-imagine what has become ineffective.

Everyone engages in cohesive and meaningful experiences that support the culture and vision.

Individual preferences or stale traditions competing with what is best for the community and it’s vision.

5.  We like teams.  We aim to express ourselves in ways that build all kinds of in house and outside partnerships.

All kinds of people invited together to accomplish a meaningful mission in unity.  

Working alone or partnering with people who are contrary to the purposes of our team.

6.  We like working ourselves out of a job.  We aim to pass the torch well and keep lighting new ones.  

New leaders are being discipled and coached in the context of serving and learning with others.  

Leaders who are not coachable or are uninterested in building team or the mission of NH.

7.  Everyday > Just Sunday.  We aim to have a daily faith practice and visible presence in our neighbourhood.

A community that is earning credibility by acts of service and growing positive relationships.  

Overemphasizing Sunday AM as what it means to be a church and not engaging with our neighbours,

8.  We like going all in.   We aim to take on big challenges and respond with all we’ve got.

Responding generously to God’s challenges in well planned and unified ways.  

Hesitating to act or not bringing our best to what we know God is asking of us.