Our Culture

Vision and Purpose

Our Vision: Church with MISSION in mind.

When we say Mission we mean more than just our City, although the pun doesn’t hurt.

Mission means 4 things for us in terms of what we have ‘in mind’

  1. God’s Mission to bring restoration and redemption to not only human souls but all of creation

  2. The individual opportunity to partner in this Mission

  3. The city we find ourselves in.

  4. The people who live within our city

Our Purpose:
 Together on a journey through life – finding hope in Jesus – being inspired to change and – living out our passion to bring others along.

We are in the process of responding to a time of internal evaluation.  After listening to people from our city, each other and God, we are reflection on 5 Big Ideas from this process:

  • How do we live out of this new vision "Church with Mission in Mind"?
  • How do we use Discipleship as a scope that is foundation to all that we do?
  • A new vehicle we will explore and develop: Missional Communities (such as Hope Central, Together Groups –where acts of piety and acts of mercy are lived out with organic expressions of faith in community)
  • A new focus on Young Families and Youth!
  • A realignment of resources to be better stewards of what we have (involves pursuing the purchase of a building in downtown Mission).